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Previously: On his way to rescue a town from the deadly Faro Kid, Ace tells his partner Strongarm about a dream in which his hat told him how the Faro Kid may be a key to Ace's past. Meanwhile, in town, the Faro Kid is waiting for the inevitable showdown. To read from the beginning, click here.


I've seen gunfighters so good they shoot guns out of people's hands.

I've seen gunfighters do fast they shoot before the other guy even draws . . . even when it's the other guy who calls the draw.

But I've never seen a gunfighters so good and fast that he's able to both outdraw his opponent AND win the gunfight by shooting the HAMMERS OFF THE OTHER GUY'S GUNS!!!

That's pretty impressive. That's what I love about old Westerns. Yes, the gunfights may not be realistic. But when they do that unrealistic gunfight, it's all about control. They have the power to put a bullet in the other guy's heart. Or even the other guy's eye! But instead, they restrain themselves. They only do what's necessary.

Unfortunately, it also creates a situation where your protagonist is unstoppable and there's no tension when he goes into a fight.

Just a couple more pages in this first issue!

~ Ben

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