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Previously: Ace and his partner Strongarm are on their way to rescue a town from the deadly Faro Kid. As they travel, Ace tells his companions about a dream he had, in which his hat told him how the Faro Kid may be a key to Ace's past. To read from the beginning, click here.


I love how Nick Pharaoh pulls the classic "ran out of ammo, so must throw the gun" move.

Reminds me of someone (can't remember who) who once said that he never understood why criminals, after unloading their guns at Superman and having the BULLETS bounce off him, would throw their gun at him, like it's going to actually do better. Then again, he continued, he also never understood why Superman, after having the bullets bounce off him, would duck when they threw their guns! Sorry, that has nothing to do with Westerns. Just where my train of thought went.

There's now two bonus stories on the site, gentle reader.

Wednesday, I posted a link to the 24-Hour Comic I did a few years ago, called The Ballad of the Freak. Many of the pages have commentary about my experience writing and drawing the story.

Today, I'm proud to show you a story that, if I tried to do anything with it now, would be called a rip off of Zuda's High Moon webcomic. I assure you, it does pre-date High Moon, although High Moon's prominence has caused me to hold off doing anything else with the concept.

It's called Gideon's Army. It's an old story, and if I had it to do over again I'd do a LOT of things differently, but I have a special place for it in my heart.

~ Ben

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