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Previously: Ace and his partner Strongarm are on their way to rescue a town from the deadly Faro Kid. As they travel, Ace tells his companions about a dream he had, in which his hat told him how the Faro Kid may be a key to Ace's past. To read from the beginning, click here.

Sorry I missed a week. Between three days visiting my family and two days where I was alone with two of my daughters (the youngest two) and a major project deadline looming overhead (which I made, barely -- you can get details here if you like), Ace of Diamonds kind of took a backseat last week. That's the bad news.

The good news is that even though it didn't get uploaded, pages still got finished! The whole dream sequence is done, so I've actually got a backlog of material. I wasn't sure if it'd be best to actually post pages for the days I missed, or if I should just resume posting today like nothing happened. In the end, I decided to just resume today and go from there.

Anyway, the dream turned out differently than I expected. It ended up being a lot less esoteric than I had planned. It fits much neater into things that I thought it would. This project is sort of happening in a free form fashion. I've looked ahead at the comic story I'm using, but I do four pages at a time. So you'll notice a guy calling Nick Pharaoh "boss" in the beginning of the dream sequence . . . but that guy is actually Brody, head of Brody's gang, and Brody's the boss! (At least, in my version of the story.) I'm justifying it because that panel is a representation of the rest of the dream. But in truth, I did that page as part of a one chunk of pages and when I decided to make Brody head of the gang on the page where he appeared, it was a separate chunk of pages!

Anyway, I'm happy with how the dream turned out. Although, Ace's dream hat is a jerk. I'm not sure if there's a way I can bring HIM back.

But the big question we're wrestling with is this: is the dream real?

~ Ben

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