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Previously: Ace and his partner Strongarm are on their way to rescue a town from the deadly Faro Kid. As they travel, Ace tells his companions about a dream he had, in which his hat told him how the Faro Kid may be a key to Ace's past. To read from the beginning, click here.

I'm really having a hard time "holdin' my horses", gentle reader. I really want to post the next few pages. The last page of the dream surprised me.

Meanwhile, if you notice I've added a section over to the right labeled "Extras". These extras are going to be some other Western comics I've written. The first one is called "The Ballad of the Freak", a 24-Hour Comic I wrote and drew a few years ago. It's what I call a "Jimmy Stewart Western" (as opposed to a "John Wayne Western" or a "Clint Eastwood Western"). It's a project I am very proud of, and one of the few stories I've written that I enjoy going back to over and over again. Like many writers, when I end a story it can be hard to want to go back and read it (unless I have to, for continuity purposes). This 24-Hour Comic is not like that. I still enjoy going back and reading it. I think part of it comes from the enjoyment of reliving the project process.

~ Ben

“Ace” of Diamonds, Remix Comix, Whisperingloon Studios, and the other stuff I made up for this webcomic are TM and (C) Ben Avery, 2009. While the original Black Diamond Western is in public domain, “Ace” of Diamonds (the story and the artwork) and the contents of this page are NOT public domain.

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This looks really incredible!

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