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Previously: Click here for the beginning of the series. Click here for the beginning of this issue. The musical villain The Troubadour is making trouble, and it seems his motivation is to goad Ace of Diamonds into a confrontation . . . an epic showdown . . .

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If you ask me, there are better methods for fighting writer's block!

Here's a couple of mine: writer's block articles from my blog Myth-Understanding.

Still, I like the insidiousness of an artist being so willing to feed his inner muse that he will kill and harm other people. But it's no different, really, than any other villain's motivation. Art is just another way people seek to achieve what many of the great villains seek: immortality!

With Ace knocked out, two things will be happening next that I am excited about:

1. The horse fight.

2. The dream sequence.

Will Ace learn more about his past? Tune in next time!

~ Ben

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