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Previously: To read from the beginning, click here. Last issue, Ace confronted the ruthless and deadly Faro Kid. A dream (in which Ace's hat told him the story of how Ace murdered Faro Kid in cold blood) caused Ace to believe that Faro Kid may have had some clues to Ace's past. It was a dead end. After besting Faro Kid in a shoot out, Ace found some comfort in the fact that he may not have learned about his past, but he had done some good. Meanwhile, Strongarm, Ace's sidekick, shared a secret with the mysterious Athena. A secret meant to be kept from Ace . . .


Lev Gleason proudly announced on the cover of this issue of Black Diamond Western "In this issue: THE BEST STORY WE EVER PUBLISHED IN ANY MAGAZINE!" I'm not going to make the same proclamation, gentle reader, although I am excited about this story.

The artwork for this story comics from Black Diamond Western #16. You can see the cover here. Technically, the seventh issue of the series (Black Diamond Western started with issue #9; before that it was called Desperado), by now they had hit their stride. Also, in this issue they had two Black Diamond stories and fewer unrelated stories. (By the end of the series, they had three Black Diamond stories in each issue.)

This is issue #2 for me, though. I will be using almost all of the artwork from BDW #16, although I may dip into another issue for Ace's dream. Actually, the structure of this story allows for a couple dream sequences.

I hope you enjoy "Six Shooters and Six Strings", gentle reader.

~ Ben

PS -- I'm sorry, I couldn't resist using the "No animals were harmed . . ." line. It's my answer, in a way, to Lev's assurance that this was the best story they had ever published. Let's face it, this story features a man with a "gun-tar", but it also centers around a horse fight! It's fairly brutal!

PPS -- The sidebar with the poem like wording comes from a "theme song" I've written about Ace. I haven't set it to music. It just sort of accidentally happened as I was trying to come up with a quick way to set up his story, and the wording started to rhyme. When I did it, I was reminded of Joss Whedon, and how he wrote the theme song to Firefly and when he suddenly understood what he was creating. Something similar happened to me. It didn't change much of what I was already planning, but it just kind of hung a sign on it. Made it more clear. It was almost like a "Hollywood logline", where you distill the essence of your story into a single sentence.

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