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Previously: To read from the beginning, click here. Ace has won his final struggle with Faro Kid, and in the process learned that his dream may have mislead him in more than one way . . .


Well, gentle reader, the first issue is complete! Starting next Wednesday we'll be presenting Ace of Diamonds Issue 2: "Six Shooters and Six Strings"! (I like it when chapter titles have a common theme. I think the "Noun and Related-but-different-noun" is going to be the theme here in ace.)

The lion's share of the artwork from issue 2 will actually come from Black Diamond Western's issue 16. Lev Gleason, who published the original series, said of BDW #16, "The best story we ever published in any magazine!" We'll see!

So my search for western related webcomics came up pretty empty, with just a couple worth mentioning (and I did mention them here -- you should check them both out, they're great!), but I did find another comic that is related to Ace of Diamonds in a different way: the use of public domain comics!

Mike Parkinson's Out of Print is like a "Mini-Marvels" for the public domain set! I've seen people do new serious stories using public domain superheroes and I've seen people play it for laughs, but I've never seen anyone do it quite like Mike is. The basic concept is that it's the present-day, and all those old superheroes are attending a support group for characters who have lapsed into the public domain. What makes this fun and unique is that they are drawn in a very cartoony, stylish way. "We look like we're straight outta Peanuts," one character complains. The characters are self-aware, knowing they are comic characters and even speaking with the artist on occasion.

I told Mike yesterday, "We're two sides of the public domain coin." He's using characters and concepts, I'm using artwork, and we're both creating something new! Out of Print is very fun and well worth your time. It's also relatively new, meaning it won't take you long to get up to date reading through the archives (a good thing) but that also means you'll get through the archives quickly and have to wait for new comics (bad thing). Check it out!

~ Ben

PS -- If you haven't already, check out the line work from yesterday's page of art! William Overgard was the artist, and the movement of the lines and the way your eye follows the curves is something I find remarkable. (Something else I find remarkable: Overgard wasn't just an artist, he was a writer and scripted episodes of Silver Hawks and Thundercats!)

“Ace” of Diamonds, Remix Comix, Whisperingloon Studios, and the other stuff I made up for this webcomic are TM and (C) Ben Avery, 2009. While the original Black Diamond Western is in public domain, “Ace” of Diamonds (the story and the artwork) and the contents of this page are NOT public domain.

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