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Previously: To read from the beginning, click here. Last issue, Ace confronted the ruthless and deadly Faro Kid. A dream (in which Ace's hat told him the story of how Ace murdered Faro Kid in cold blood) caused Ace to believe that Faro Kid may have had some clues to Ace's past. It was a dead end. After besting Faro Kid in a shoot out, Ace found some comfort in the fact that he may not have learned about his past, but he had done some good. Meanwhile, Strongarm, Ace's sidekick, shared a secret with the mysterious Athena. A secret meant to be kept from Ace . . .


I've said it before, gentle reader, I love the splash page that sets up the story at the beginning of old comics. It's like a second cover, in many ways. If I could get away with it in my own stories, I'd try it. Sadly, like thought balloons, it's a trope of the past.

I love thought balloons as well, I have to say, and wish they were used more often in modern comics. They've been entirely replaced by the first person caption box, which is useful and makes for dramatic storytelling.

But sometimes, the old ways are good.

The art in this Black Diamond Western story is by William Overgard. With no writer listed, it is possible he wrote the thing as well, although I'm not convinced of that. I love his line work, and wish I were an artist because I believe there is much that could be learned from his artwork here. Some later issues of Black Diamond Western are pretty terrible.

~ Ben

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I agree completely about opening splash pages. It's a nice opening to a comic that helps get things rolling.

December 9, 2009 at 12:25 PM

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