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This page works best if read together with the last page, since first panel on this page and the last panel on the previous page go together. Faro Kid's dialogue on this page (and his gun shots) interrupt the Sheriff's dialogue from before.

SHERIFF: Bah! Faro Kid, you're under --

FARO KID: Under contract with Mr. Charles, Jack!
This is one of those interesting situations when webcomics show a weakness. Sequential storytelling over periods of time, if you're reading the story in real time (one or two pages a week), make it difficult to follow sometimes. This is also a good argument for doing narrative comics scene by scene or chapter by chapter instead of page by page. Of course, then you run the risk of not having a regular schedule . . . since a 10 page scene would take longer to put out than a 5 page scene.

For now, though, Ace of Diamonds will be updated every Wednesday and Friday, though, Gentle Reader.

Also, you may not be as surprised as I was at Faro Kid's matter of fact murder of the Sheriff. When I read the original Black Diamond Western, I was so surprised at the way he just killed the Sheriff! Such a callous character! I hope that comes out in MY version . . .

~ Ben

“Ace” of Diamonds, Remix Comix, Whisperingloon Studios, and the other stuff I made up for this webcomic are TM and (C) Ben Avery, 2009. While the original Black Diamond Western is in public domain, “Ace” of Diamonds (the story and the artwork) and the contents of this page are NOT public domain.

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