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Yeah, Faro Kid is a bad dude. You can tell by the way he shoots that cigarette . . . not just the TIP, he shot it into THREE PIECES!

I'm liking him more and more every day I write dialogue for him.

Of course, this being a western comic with a supernaturally fast gunslinger in the lead, there's almost no tension in the original story. You KNOW what's going to happen. Black Diamond (as he was called in the original story) and Kid Faro (as he was called in the original story) are on a collision course. Which means Ace of Diamonds (as he is called in my version) and Faro Kid (as he is called in my version) are also on a collision course! The climax of this story is pretty much already set in stone. However, I'd like to think that getting there will be half the fun.

Also, I'm having such fun writing Faro Kid . . . I promise you this, no matter what happens, this will NOT be the last you see of him!

See you Friday, gentle reader! New page! The plot thickens!

~ Ben

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