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I love old comics. That first splash page is usually a second cover image, and it’s no different for Black Diamond Western. The first page is usually a teaser, and in many of these old comics it’s taken from the climax of the story. I love that storytelling device. (Maybe it’s not a storytelling device, but more a story presenting device.) I plan to use it in the new TimeFlyz stories.

So there you have it, Gentle Readers. You now know what this story is leading to! (As if there was any doubt, considering this IS a ’50’s era comic book about the mythic Old West featuring a gunslinging hero.)

Oh, and the title of this first story, “Hot Lead, Cold Tin” was something that just made me smile when I wrote it.

~ Ben

“Ace” of Diamonds, Remix Comix, Whisperingloon Studios, and the other stuff I made up for this webcomic are TM and (C) Ben Avery, 2009. While the original Black Diamond Western is in public domain, “Ace” of Diamonds (the story and the artwork) and the contents of this page are NOT public domain.

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