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And so we jump right into the story. This get a bit confusing, as over the course of the next few pages we jump from one scene to another with very little regard for the panel layout. I tried to get around this, by name dropping Faro Kid in that third panel on this page so we knew we had changed location and characters, but it is still abrupt and slightly confusing. It happens a lot in this story, so it became a challenge to make it less confusing.

In the original, the villain was called Faro Kid. You’ll notice that Slow Eddy (poor guy) never gets his name right. I almost changed the name to Pharaoh, but in my comics about the Old Testament, I’ve NEVER typed the word Pharaoh correctly the first time. And in researching what “faro” actually was, I found it to be a very interesting card game.

Kid Faro’s speech pattern came out of writing his words for the cover. Suddenly, his character just came into focus. Part of it came from me thinking about how in some westerns, they go out of their way not to let the characters cuss. But instead of just having them NOT cuss, they also are saying some of the most ridiculous substitutions. My intent is not to parody the substitutions, but to have a character who genuinely speaks that way. I mean, why would a hardened criminal care?

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