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So, Ace had a dream. About his hat. What's that all about?

Tune in to find out!

The upcoming dream sequence is interesting to me, because it really fits into the direction I want to send this series into, even though it will come from a different story that didn't feature Ace at all! It still comes from the same issue of "Black Diamond Western" that this Black Diamond story came from, but originally Black Diamond Western, the comic book, had one upfront story featuring Black Diamond and two or more back stories featuring other cowboy adventures (some by Basil Wolverton!). For Ace of Diamonds -- the remix -- the idea is to use as many pages as possible, but for the same story! Sometimes, that may mean a flashback to Ace's past, sometimes it may mean a dream sequence (as is coming up -- I mean, how else to you use a story narrated by a hat? Tune in to find out more!) and sometimes it may mean backstory for a minor character.

Meanwhile, that woman has shown up again . . .

~ Ben

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Hmm. Looking at that last panel, that final word balloon really looks like it comes from Ace, not Athena! I'm used to modern word balloons, where the tail points at the mouth, not just the head. Since the tail pointed over his face, I figured it was meant for her!

Wonder if I should change it . . .

August 5, 2009 at 11:10 AM

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