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Lots of exposition here.

That's one talent we've lost. I was reading a couple collections of old Marvel comics and in each issue, one or two pages were dedicated to just explaining who the book was about how how that got that way. In old X-Men comics, it could be a little humorous, trying to show in a natural setting the usage of each character's power. So maybe Angel would knock over a tea cup with his wings, and Marvel Girl would use her telekinesis to make sure the tea didn't get all over the carpet (I made that example up, but it's almost -- ALMOST -- humorous how in those old comics Marvel Girl and Invisible woman would use their powers, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly, for domestic-related duties).

These days, it's possible to open a comic and not even know the names of the characters you're about to read about, let alone their powers. It seems that modern comics are, more and more, not just being written for the ultimate collection, but being written for readers who are already familiar with the characters.

Sorry, my rant is over. At least those old Marvel comics tried to show, not tell. Here? Lots of wordy exposition. I tried to "show, not tell" . . . but it just became "showing people telling" in my dialogue. :)

~ Ben

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