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The first issue of “Ace” of Diamonds is actually not the first issue of Black Diamond Western. Instead, it’s the first issue of BDW that I purchased, so to me it’s the first Black Diamond story . . . and therefore the first “Ace” story. We’ll be going into the actual first issue of BDW in a little while, to explore the origin of the character. But since “Ace” himself doesn’t know who he is or where he came from, I figured this would work nicely.

So issue 1 of “Ace” is actually issue 14 of BDW. You can see the original cover here: @ The cover is by Charles Brio, who did most of the covers for the series.

I struggled with how to redesign this cover. Basically, I wanted to replace only the cover’s text. I’m no Photoshop wiz, and not an artist, so developing the new logo and figuring out how to keep the aged look with the new blocks of color I was using got frustrating. If I ever print this (yeah, right!) I’ll have the cover redone.

Kid Faro, btw, was fun to write the dialogue for. His dialogue on this cover ended up causing his whole character to develop. Although, there’s more going on beneath the surface than you might expect. I’ve already started figuring out how to make Kid Faro a recurring character, even though he wasn’t in the original BDW series.

~ Ben

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