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This was the first in a series of Gideon's Army stories I had planned to do. I'd outlined about four more stories, with the intention of having different artists do each short story, creating an anthology of sorts. Someday, I may get around to doing it. Later stories will actually involve other people . . . and the title, Gideon's Army, will make sense. Let's just put it this way: Barbara Jones may end up being a "recruit" in his army.

I'd also considered drawing it myself . . . in the style of my The Ballad of the Freak story. Actually, I considered doing Gideon's Army as my 24 Hour Comic Day project instead of what became The Ballad of the Freak.

And I've also thoguht about doing something with Gideon in the modern day. Gunslinging blind vampire hunting Jesuit walking modern day America? There's something cool about that idea.

On this project, I got to work with two of my favorite hard workin' Joes: Joe Endres and Joe Spicer. They are both old friends, and I love it when I get to work with friends.

I've always wanted to write a vampire story . . . but I wanted to find something that would be "my twist". My little stamp on vampire mythology. Not that I'll reinvent the wheel or anything. But something that would make MY vampire story be a little bit different than other people's.

The blind gunslinger isn't my twist. My twist is in the cross, and what it does and how it does it. It goes along with vampire lore, but at the same time it's a little bit different than anything I've seen presented.

Spiritually thinking, as a Christian I think what attracts me to the idea of the vampire is that it is blatantly anti-Christ. Christianity is, in part, about receiving the gift of spiritual immortality through the blood of Christ in his sacrifice. Vampirism is, in part, about taking physical immortality through the "theft" of someone's blood. Christianity is about loving others because of the love Christ showed us. Vampirism is about loving self, and self first. That's a huge simplification, but I think it adequately explores my attraction. And, truth be told, in this there is a very interesting metaphor for life.

Who knows? I have a special place for Gideon, though.

~ Ben

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